Southwest Virginia's Highlands

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South Fork Holston

Here at the Shop we call the South Fork Holston in Virginia "the South Fork" (S.F.) and when we fish the Holston tailwater in Tennessee we call it "the Holston." The headwaters of the S.F. are out of the Sugar Grove, Virginia, area and have some spring creek origins. The stream first flows along the foothills of the Mount Rogers NRA and then through farmlands of Smythe and Washing ton counties and eventually forms the head of TVA Lake South Holston southeast of Abingdon. (Pictured - South Fork)
Because of its subterranean beginnings, it typically fishes better in summer and winter months than other mountain streams. The S.F. has a stocked trout section from St. Clairs Bottom, in Smythe County, up to the lower boundary of the Buller property plus the impoundment behind Buller's spill dam. Regulated water begins at the Buller lower property boundary, skips the spill dam impoundment, begins again above that slack water and continues all the way through the gorge and then along SR 670 and ends about a mile or so above the Appalacian trail crossing. There are good access locations especially at the Buller Hatchery.

(Pictured - South Fork)

Whitetop Laurel

Called Virginia's finest trout stream, Whitetop Laurel is a Mt Rogers NRA stream you ought to include in your Highlands fishing trip plans. Its headwaters are in the Konnarock area and it flows down to Damascus. Best times to fish it are April through June with May and June as prime time. There are two wild trout/special regulated sections: the upper - from the first trestle above the upper gate in Taylors Valley to the Green Cove Creek Junction. The lower regulated area is from just below the lower gate at Taylors Valley down to the confluence with Straight Branch. Above and below these regulated sections, plus Taylors Valley proper, are stocked trout sections. (Note: The Forest Service has constructed several handicap-fishing stations up at Creek Junction.)

(Pictured - Whitetop Laurel)

The Virginia Creeper Trail runs along and trestles over the length of Whitetop Laurel from it's Damascus, VA confluence with Tennessee Laurel (out of Laurel Bloomery, TN) all the way up to the high trestle crossing at Creek Junction. The Trail has a USFS multi-use designation. Biking, horseback riding and hiking use can be heavy at times, especially during the weekends, so keep that in mind when planning days to fish Whitetop and when walking the Trail to fish the next spot.

Other Nearby Virginia
Highlands Trout Streams:

Fox Creek - Mt Rogers NRA

Big Wilson Creek
- Mt. Rogers NRA

Grayson Highlands State Park


Some Nearby Highland Lakes:

Beartree - 13 acre Mt. Rogers NRA- smallmouth, stocked trout, panfish (pictured)

Laurel Bed
- 330 acre Russell County- smallmouth bass and brook trout

Hungry Mother - 108 acre Smythe- walleye, musky, panfish

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