Southwest Virginia & Northeast Tennessee Highland Streams
Fly Period Comments
Tiny & Early Stone (14-22) Dec - Mar Hatches all winter. Tiny-black, Early is Brown
Midges (20-22) all winter Use Griffith Gnat or Cream Midge
Blue Quill (16-20) 2/20 - 4/15 Good hatches on So. Fork 4/16/02
Early Tan Caddis 2/20 – 4/15 Can be a daily hatch on So. Fork, saw some 4/16/02
Quill Gordon (12-14) 3/20 – May 8 1st large mayfly! A few seen on Whitetop 5/07/02
Isonychia (16-18) 4/10 - 5/20 Hatches also in Aug. on So Fork; swim the nymph!
March Brown (12-14) 4/15 - 5/10 I catch more fish on MB nymph than the dry
Little Yellow Stonefly (16) 4/15 - 8/1 good all late spring/summer, some are lime or brown
Light Cahill (16 - 18) 4/25 - 6/25 few seen on in high country
Mother’s Day Caddis (14) 5/1 - 5/20 May 2002- slight hatch on Whitetop.
Light Hendrickson (14) 5/15 - 6/10 I did not see many in 2002
Sulphur Dun (16) 5/15 - 6/30 Has been our best mayfly hatch in recent times
Eastern Green Drake (8-10) 5/25 - 6/20 The hatch on Whitetop Laurel began 05/14/02
Giant Black Stonefly (10-12) 6/1 - 7/25 best in the evening, fish a Stimulator
Blue Winged Olive (18) 6/1 - 6/25 The parachute is easier to see in the shadows
Crm,Brn, White Drake (10-14) 6/25 - 7/25 Notice King bird feeding on these in the So Fork
Cinnamon Sedge (12) 9/20 – 10/30 “Stickbait” caddis
Northeast Tennessee Tailwaters – Holston & Watauga
Fly Period Comments
Sulphurs (16-18) Watauga May & June Good low water hatch
Sulphurs (14-18) Holston Year around Also fished good hatches Aug Nov. 2002
Blue Wing Olives (16-22) year around A Blue Quill pattern can be a good alternative
Dark Dun Caddis (14-16) Spring Blk E.H. caddis, dark emerg. Watauga great hatch 4/18/02
Little Black Caddis (18-20) May late fall Fishes best in the evening period
Cranefly (18-20) Year around I fish the partridge and yellow for emerger
Midges & Blackfly(20-26) Nov –March Brad Befus’ biot larva glassbead for larva/pupa
Cress & Scuds (16-18) Year around Cress bugs above Hickory Tree Bridge, scuds below

Terrestrials: Streams & Tailwaters

Fly Period Comments
Ants (14-22) April-October Look for flying ant migrations on Holston in late Sept/Early Oct
Inchworms (14-16) April-July Green Deer Hair, Chenille or Form, Fish it underwater too
Beetles (14-18) June-October My biggest fish caught on surface patterns are on beetle patterns
Japanese Beetles June-July For So Fork Holston & Holston Watauga Tailwaters
Crickets (16) June-October My favorite for early October
Grasshoppers (10-14) June-October Good on So Fork, VA; and terrific on the Watauga
Cicada Annual and BroodX June-September Use 1X or 2X tippet

Don’t forget streamers for high and stained water conditions. Some of the year’s biggest fish in second-order streams and tailwaters trips are taken on streamers and 6-WT sink tips.

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